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Let’s be clear: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate is definitely not an easy exam. It is not a kind of test where you can simply buy a stack of practice exams, then run through them over and over, and expect to pass. The exam is very scenario-focused. Anyone who wants to know how to go for AWS certification preparation should note this as well: AWS writes their questions in such a way that only someone with true hands-on experience and an understanding of their services can pass.

And now for the details of exactly how to prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam and AWS practice test even if you do not have any formal engineering or AWS training.

1. Obtain the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

This article promises to provide steps of how to earn your Solutions Architect – Associate certificate, but if you do not have any prior AWS engineering experience or knowledge, I would strongly recommend passing this first. This exam is just a 1,000-foot overview and it can be passed in just two weeks if you study daily.

Honestly, even if you do have prior experience with AWS, it’s still good to take this as the certification exams cover AWS services that you may have never actually used.

Below here is what you need to pass this exam in only two weeks:

  • Take the A Cloud Guru (ACG) Certified Cloud Practitioner course. You will need a full subscription to this—because you will want to use ACG heavily for the AWS Solutions Architect exam. ACG also has a section of hands-on AWS labs that are incredibly useful for passing the exam.
  • Take these AWS practice exams. Note: These AWS practice exams represent only the most difficult questions on the exam. If you are struggling on the AWS practice exams but still close to passing, then you should do well on the real test itself. The real test is much easier than these.


  • Take notes throughout the course and organize them so you can use that as a part of your study guide for the Solutions Architect exam.
  • Re-watch all of the summaries on the day of your exam at 2x speed. This is incredibly helpful to recap everything you need to know.

2. Complete ACG’s AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Course

While this course alone is not enough for a total newbie to pass, it is still an incredible course and will be the foundation of your AWS exam prep. It covers everything on the exam, in one way or another, with some gaps here and there (we’ll get to that).


  • Build an organized study guide and Take detailed notes.
  • Replay lectures and summaries over again while doing such things as driving or walking your dog.
  • Do not skip the hands-on labs. Using AWS may be the best way to learn AWS. This will help internalize the content from the lectures.

3. Deep-Dives onto Specific AWS Services

As mentioned above, the ACG course lectures alone maybe not enough for most people to pass. You will need a strong understanding of them to pass and the optimal choice to learn what you need is to just use them with hands-on labs.

4. Scan the AWS Storage Services Overview Whitepaper

You will get many scenario-based questions about what kind of storage to use. SO, you’ll need to know the differences between them and when to use each.

5. Prepare the Test-taking Strategies for This Exam

When performed with a scenario-based question, read the kicker first. Scenario-based questions always begin with a long paragraph, followed by a “kicker” that actually asks you the question. Scan the kicker and then read the scenario.

Elimination for every question. Almost all questions will always have one or two options that are certainly not the answer. If you can get rid of these, your odds of selecting the right one will improve. While this may seem obvious, it is really vital to use it on the AWS SA exam because you will be tricked in many cases. Look for the tricks and cross them out.

Scan questions twice. Most of the questions are designed to be tricky. Do not just glance and then answer it immediately.  If you go too fast, you can make the wrong choice.

Remember to use the “Mark for Review” feature. The actual exam will allow you to mark answers for review and then go back to the end to check them again. If there’s a tough question, select the best choice and then mark it for review at the end, based on how much time you have left. 

Use questions to answer other questions on the actual exam. This also is one of the main reasons to use “Mark for Review.” Indeed, one question may actually give you the answer to another question in many cases. This is why you want to “mark for review” anything that you are unsure of.

6. Take AWS Practice Exams

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam Prep: Practice well Makes Perfect! As with any test, practicing will ensure success, and the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam is not an exemption. It is actually worth taking up some of your free time. Besides validating your technical skills, this certification will foster your expertise, making you more attractive to potential recruiters, which will only continue to advance your career in the long haul.

And we have to say that our AWS practice test is one of the best platforms ever to practice, which provides questions and answers being triple-checked carefully. Our AWS practice tests are definitely helpful for you! SO Let’s take it now!


How many questions are on the Associate-Level exam?

There are generally between 55 and 60 questions on each Associate-level exam. 


How many questions are expected on the Professional-Level exam?

There are generally between 75 and 80 very long scenario questions on each Professional-level exam. You may get a few non-scenario questions, but don’t count on it.


In an AWS exam, can I mark questions for review? Can I see and change my answers before I submit them?

The answer is yes. There’s a flag at the bottom of each question.  Each question you mark in this way will show up in the bottom progress bar to identify questions you flagged to review. 


Will the actual exam tell me how many answers are needed for each question?

Yes, of course. 

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