The Best AWS Solution Architect Certification Tips

Following are the step-by-step AWS Solution Architect certification tips for the process of studying and preparing for successfully passing it on the first try.

May 5, 2022

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The AWS Certified Solutions Architect credential is one of the most in-demand qualifications for cloud engineers. While the focus of this article today will be on AWS Solution Architect certification tips, particularly if you are not a cloud engineer, it is also crucial to understand why this certification is so significant. Although there are other public cloud providers, Amazon Web Services (which is also known as AWS for short) credentials are the most in-demand since Amazon has the highest market share. Having this on your CV is incredibly advantageous, whether you are a hands-on engineer or a consultant by profession. What is the greatest method to get ready? 

General information

AWS Solution Architect certification tips

Amazon is the pioneer within the market of public cloud. There are hundreds to thousands of counseling accomplices for Amazon AWS. These counseling companies require AWS professionals, and consequently, there’s a tremendous request for individuals who bear the AWS Solution Architect certification exam. AWS AWS Solution Architect certification exam could be a certification that’s advertised by Amazon Web Administrations for experts who have a year or more than a year of involvement with AWS Solution Architect certification. This AWS Solution Architect certification test is held in a real-time environment with time limitations and proctored environment.

The people who offer administrations for an arrangements planner part are granted this AWS Solution Architect certification. They generally have hands-on encounters in planning accessible, cost-efficient, adaptable, and fault-tolerant disseminated frameworks on AWS. You have to score 72% in the AWS Solution Architect certification exam to be able to drop in passing criteria. The AWS Solution Architect certification exam is very intense since of the different points secured in a single exam. But with the legitimate arrangements and by having total information about what kind of questions you may be inquired about within the exam, you’ll be able to score high as well.

There are numerous occupations for individuals who want to get this AWS Solution Architect certification. And there are numerous shining choices for freshers as well. They are enlisted at great compensations indeed from the beginning. This compensation keeps developing with time, involvement, progressed aptitudes, and after getting the associate-level and professional-level certificates. This AWS Solution Architect certification is worth your time and consideration. In this field, there’s a colossal scope for freshers since there aren’t numerous AWS-certified experts accessible at the minute.

A cloud engineer designer isn’t simple to end up with, but its high demand makes it very appealing. You’ll be able to successfully pass the AWS Solution Architect certification exam with a couple of months of full planning. Considering for around 3 hours a day is sufficient to score well for the AWS exam. Following is the step-by-step direction to planning for the AWS Solution Architect certification exam and passing it on the 1st attempt.

AWS Solution Architect certification tips

Get the AWS certification of Cloud Practitioner 

Yes, this article guarantees steps on how to win your AWS Solution Architect certification, but in case you are not having an earlier AWS building encounter or information, I would emphatically suggest passing this, to begin with. This exam is a 1,000-foot outline and can be passed in just 14 days if you study on a daily basis. Honestly, indeed in case you do have prior involvement with AWS Solution Architect certification, it may still be great to require this as the certification exams cover AWS administrations that you simply may have never really utilized. Here’s what you would like to pass the AWS Solution Architect certification exam in just 14 days:

  • Take the ACG (which stands for A Cloud Guru) Certified Cloud Practitioner study course. You’ll need a full membership to this—not just the standalone Udemy version—because you’ll get to utilize ACG intensely for the AWS Solution Architect certification exam. ACG moreover encompasses a segment of hands-on AWS labs that are unimaginably supportive for passing the AWS Solution Architect certification exam. 
  • Take the AWS Solution Architect certification practice exams. Note: These AWS Solution Architect certification practice exams speak to just the foremost troublesome questions on the exam. In case you’re battling on the AWS Solution Architect practice exams but are still near to passing, at that point you ought to do well on the real AWS Solution Architect certification test itself. The real AWS Solution Architect certification test is much simpler than these. Or you also can refer to the study guide to have a detailed plan for yourself. 

Make flashcards 

This is the most important step. From the past two steps, you have a 60% knowledge and readiness for the AWS exam. And getting your preparation to 100% will mean that you will be able to score 72% in the actual exam. And for this, you will have to make flashcards from the Tutorials Dojo comparison of the AWS services section. You must try making flashcards for the following topics:

This is often the foremost imperative step for you to ace the AWS Solution Architect certification exam. From the 2 mentioned steps, you have got 60% information and preparation for the AWS Solution Architect certification exam. And getting your planning to 100% will mean merely being able to score 72% within the genuine AWS Solution Architect certification exam. And for this, you may be able to make flashcards from the Instructional exercises Dojo comparison of the AWS Solution Architect certification area. You must attempt making flashcards for the below points:

  • S3
  • EBS
  • EFS
  • DNS
  • VPC
  • RDS
  • NaCl
  • EFS
  • ELB
  • VPN
  • IAM
  • EC2
  • VPC
  • EFS
  • Lambda
  • ….

All of these AWS Solution Architect certification flashcards information will grant you all you would like to cover the major portion of the AWS Solution Architect certification materials. It is superior to compose watchwords related with these flashcards on the back as they will assist you to keep in mind all the details better. For illustration, for the flashcard of VPC, you’ll be able to compose tough, multi-AZ questions, etc. attempt making the beat three watchwords for each. These catchphrases will prepare you to relate the information on the flashcards with these words.

You must have a great time making these flashcards and additionally composing the watchwords since they will assist you impressively in clearing the AWS Solution Architect certification exam. These flashcards will take you to 65% for your AWS Solution Architect certification exam arrangement.

Go through the AWS Solution Architect framework

This will be an effective step for planning cloud-based designs. It is composed of AWS specialists and is based on the common plan standards, the most excellent practice, and acts as a column for a well-architected system. It is required for you to examine it indeed in spite of the fact that it is an 80-page long perused and is quite intense. But through these AWS Solution Architect practices, you’ll get to know approximately numerous administrations that weren’t secured in past recordings. You ought to type in those administrations down for pursuing them afterward as well.

Perusing these AWS Solution Architect certification practices will take your arrangement to 68%, but all these administrations are imperative to pursue. They give you a bit of information about what AWS is searching for. This archive will assist you in AWS ventures separated from making a difference in successfully passing the AWS Solution Architect certification exam.

Focus on EC2, S3, RDS, and VPC

It is possible for you to discover numerous free recordings on YouTube with respect to these administrations. Half of the exam will be based on these administrations. You must get these four administrations completely. Plunge profoundly into each of them and attempt to spend one day on each benefit. You’ll be able at that point to take the Work Bonso Test #2 to survey your planning. You must be mindful that Jon Bonso Tests bring something unused on every single test, and you might keep scoring the same on each of them.

But that isn’t a matter of stress. On the off chance that you score 72% in these AWS Solution Architect practice tests, at that point you’re prepared and can go for the real AWS Solution Architect certification exam.

Attend AWS Solution Architect groups

You’ll be able to choose to connect practitioners’ bunches within the planning for the AWS Solution Architect certification exam. It’ll donate you a chance to convert to colleagues and experts of AWS on almost certain subjects and ideas. Talking about almost anything will grant you increasing viewpoints on the subject. You’ll be able to clear all your inquiries conjointly learn from the encounter of specialists within the field. You’ll discover numerous such bunches and boot camps on a variety of social platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

Through these bunches, you’ll get hands-on involvement with those who are working within the AWS framework. Numerous understudies and specialists will be in one put, and it’ll be simpler to communicate and have an understanding of the concepts you’re confused around. Individuals will promptly offer assistance to freshers and clear their disarray.

See if you score 72% or not

Presently is the ultimate time to require the Jon Bonso AWS Solution Architect certification test #5, which can cover all the subjects required for the AWS Arrangement Architect Associate Exam and will be your final shot to plan your genuine exam. Here you’ll be able to get full AWS Solution Architect certification tests conjointly littler tests that are one service-focused each. You’ll utilize this way to check which administrations are causing an issue for you and can get ready more.

You might get 50% on this last test, but it’ll donate you a cloud of information of 100%, which would mean that you just must get 72% on the actual AWS Solution Architect certification exam. With these AWS Solution Architect certification practice tests, you’ll be able to urge a clear understanding of where you stand and how much you wish to plan increasingly.

Watch online AWS Solution Architect video-based training

The most perfect way to induce on your way toward accomplishing AWS Solution Architect certification exams is to observe instructor-led online recordings that grant you a fundamental understanding of the innovation. In reality, online video-based training is one of the leading methods of learning the basics for your AWS Solution Architect certification. Whereas observing the recordings, your master teachers will not direct you through the innovation but will moreover point out valuable methodologies for successfully passing your AWS Solution Architect certification exam.

Allocate your AWS Solution Architect study time 

Decide on a time of day when you will study and stick to it. Make sure to work with your natural preference, whether you’re an early riser who prefers to study first thing in the morning or a night owl who learns best when others are sleeping. If you arrange your study sessions when you’re at your best, you’ll find that they’re more productive and easier to keep to. Make studying a part of your everyday routine and provide enough time to acquire and comprehend the AWS fundamentals.

Learn how to pass this exam by studying the test-taking strategies

When faced with a scenario-based inquiry, start with the kicker. Scenario-based inquiries always begin with a long paragraph, followed by a “kicker” that asks the question directly. Read the kicker before moving on to the scenario. Example: “You’re creating a transcription service for a firm in which an uploaded audio file is processed by a fleet of EC2 worker instances, which produces a text file as an output.” Until the uploader retrieves the text file, you must keep both of these frequently used files in the same persistent storage. You must verify that the storage is scalable and can be recovered within minutes due to an expected rise in demand.

“In this case, which AWS storage solution can you utilize that is considered both scalable as well as cost-effective?” The final line is the real kicker. Pay close attention to what they’re asking. They’ll often give you a number of viable options, but you must choose the ones that best match your needs (in this case, cost efficiency and scalability).

  • For each question, use the elimination procedure. Almost every question will contain one or two answers that are unquestionably not the correct answer. You’ll have a better chance of picking the proper one if you can get rid of these straight away. While this may seem self-evident, it is critical to utilize the AWS SA test since they will attempt to apply it in many scenarios. Look for obvious techniques and mentally mark them off your list.
  • Questions should be read twice. The majority of the questions are supposed to be challenging. Don’t simply take a quick peek and then respond. One tiny adjustment in the language can easily affect the correct response, and rushing can lead to making an erroneous decision.
  • Make use of the “Mark for Review” option. On the real test, you’ll be able to mark answers for later study and then go back to the conclusion to double-check them. When a question is difficult, choose the best option and mark it for further consideration based on how much time you have left. Make use of this functionality.
  • Questions can be used to help you answer other questions in the real test. One of the key reasons to utilize “Mark for Review” is for this reason. In many cases, one question can actually give you the answer to another question. On my exam, I noticed this a few times and was able to go back and adjust a previous answer because of that. This is why you want to “mark for review” anything you are unsure of.

Why did you fail the AWS Solution Architect certification exam?

AWS Solution Architect certification tips

Although it is true that this test is not easy, if you prepare well, passing the exam is not too difficult, understanding how hard the test is will help you find a study strategy suitable. On this are a few possible explanations for why you could have failed your test, accompanied by suggestions including how to prevent it in the years ahead:

You didn’t do enough homework before the big day

A wide variety of AWS services are covered through AWS exams. Core knowledge is tested by 85 percent of questions, while deeper thinking is tested by 15 percent. A thorough review of all subject topics is required before taking an exam. Attempting to comprehend rather than memorize. Exams for AWS are meant to measure your ability to comprehend the material. So they often incorporate questions based on hypothetical situations. The optimum answer to a concept assessment question will not be found by memorizing answers; this is particularly true if the solutions change from one test session to the next.

The inability to plan ahead of time

AWS certification tests might be scary because of their length and complexity (each exam is unique). If you spend too much time on a few questions, you may run out of time and have to retake the exam. In other words, you’ll either fail or earn partial credit on the questions in question, which might lead to an even worse failure. It’s also possible that poor time management in the days leading up to the test led to sloppy study habits that resulted in wrong responses.

The capacity to put what you’ve learned into practice

AWS tests are designed to evaluate your knowledge of AWS fundamentals, but they also ask you to demonstrate your ability to put that knowledge into practice. To be successful in the certification examinations, you’ll need to have both of these skills. Change your strategy if you find yourself suffering during practice tests or when preparing for the exam. Using a variety of resources, such as quizzes, study guides, videos, and documents, may help you better comprehend the content. Take advantage of real-world situations that may sharpen your practical abilities in order to practice using this material.

Due to a lack of resources, you were unable to perform at your best

Your study resources (video courses, practice examinations) may have been obsolete or of low quality. Make sure you utilize high-quality Amazon Web Services (AWS) training courses while studying for this test. If you’re going to rely on books, make sure they’re current. If you’re studying online, be cautious about the resources you utilize so you don’t end up with test dumps. After taking a test, students post as many questions as they can recall on these websites.

While it may be tempting to prepare with real test questions, it is better to use high-quality AWS practice examinations in the long run. Taking a practice exam will give you a better idea of what to expect on the real exam. Not only does this broaden your horizons, but it also helps you score higher and get a better outcome.

What to do the next time?

Take a look at these easy procedures if you want to successfully pass the AWS test the second time around:

Take personal accountability for your actions

Instead of making excuses or placing blame on others, the first step to improving one’s situation is to accept personal responsibility. As a result, it will be easier for you to recognize and address your weaknesses. Some solace may be found in the fact that a large majority of persons taking this certification test for the first time fail. Your chances of passing your AWS Certification Exam if you identify what went wrong in your first attempt and make the necessary adjustments are high!

Make a list of your lapses and learn from them

Prior to the test, it’s preferable to know what questions you need assistance with than afterward. If you know where you’re weak, you’ll be able to devote more attention to those areas. Train in a real-life situation. Rather than relying on rote memorization, this approach employs the use of real-world circumstances. Take use of others’ expertise! The finest ways to get high test results may be found in a plethora of internet forums and discussion boards.

Practice examinations are a great way to ensure exam preparedness

Taking practice tests can help you identify areas of weakness and give you a sense of how well prepared you are for the actual exam. In order to pass with flying colors, use practice examinations as a way to gauge your level of preparedness! Complete all of the questions. Having this information will enable you to get results that are specific to you. You should aim for a score of at least 80% on each practice exam. Then you’re ready for the big challenge!

Identify the reasons for your incorrect answers to a question

Take a look online at the answers to the questions you got incorrect. As a result, it will assist you to recognize your weaknesses and learn from your failures. To prepare for AWS certification tests, you need more than just knowledge. Real-world experience is essential if you don’t want to run into the same challenges on test day. You may not have completely absorbed certain ideas if you’re unable to answer simple questions. This might be a sign that you haven’t mastered the material. Use cheat sheets and links to training notes to help you better understand the ideas you’re learning about.

Management of one’s time

It’s critical to stay on track and answer all of the questions throughout the test. This may sound simple, but many individuals get carried away with reading through the material or second-guessing themselves while taking the test. Avoid this by answering every question as soon and precisely as possible. Make sure you know how much time each question is given so that there are no surprises when you take the test! Spend additional time on an area that takes longer than anticipated to explain in your study materials rather than rushing through the information at the conclusion.

Don’t fall for any online trickery or frauds if you still have time left after answering all questions; instead, use this time to study answers before verifying them. You won’t have to re-read every question to figure out where you went wrong or why specific responses were incorrect.

Management of mental and emotional stress

Before and during the test, it’s critical to practice stress management techniques. If you don’t prepare yourself for what’s ahead, you’ll quickly feel overwhelmed and lose your bearings. We urge you not to freak out in order to prevent this from occurring. Remember that you’re not the only one taking the test and that everyone else is frightened and stressed out as well! Preparation for the exam. Your heart rate will rise and you’ll feel better as a result.

Reflect on how you learn 

Which of the following best describes your learning style? Find the best approach to learn for you by figuring out your learning style. Use audio aids to assist with revision if you are an auditory learner. Make a recording of yourself reading something aloud before each practice exam so that you can better remember what you’ve learned!

AWS Solution Architect retake policy

After failing the AWS Solution Architect exam, it indicates that you must wait 14 days before attempting it again. The AWS certification examinations may be retaken as many times as necessary. If, after 3 tries, your performance does not satisfy AWS’ passing standards, you will be required to provide evidence of obtaining an alternative certification or taking a training session via their partner site. Keeping this in mind, keep in mind that you will only get a 50% discount coupon if you pass the test.

2 years after passing the AWS Solution Architect certification exam, you are only allowed to take it again. You may retake the test if it has a new exam guide and a new code for the exam series. Once you’ve taken the beta exam version, you’ll have to wait until the object of an agreement test is released before you may repeat it.

The final words

Studying for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam, like any other examination, will assure success. While it may consume some of your leisure time, the rewards outweigh the inconvenience. This certification will not only validate your technical abilities but will also develop your knowledge, making you more appealing to potential recruiters, which will only help you improve your career in the long run. We hope that the above AWS Solution Architect certification tips can be beneficial for your studying and preparing process. 

If you have not had AWS certification yet and you are preparing for the exam, you can try to visit our websites to get more information and a free AWS Practice Test. To download, visit our website for your IOS or Android device.