What Are The AWS Solution Architect Certification Benefits?

As a result, many people seek AWS certification benefits on the internet every day. So what are the AWS Solution Architect certification benefits?

April 21, 2022

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Cloud computing is considered one of the most up-to-date trends in the world of information technology (IT). Every business, no matter how large or small, is migrating to the cloud for its apps, infrastructure, and legacy systems. As a result, experts in cloud computing are in great demand. The present cloud services industry is dominated by Amazon Web Services. As a result, many people seek AWS certification benefits on the internet every day. So what are the AWS Solution Architect certification benefits?

Currently, there is a huge need for AWS specialists. As a result, it’s understandable that prospective cloud computing professionals would look for reasons to pursue Amazon AWS certification. The advantages of AWS certifications can assist prospective cloud computing workers in recognizing the prospects available in AWS professions. If you’re new to AWS, the AWS cloud practitioner certification exam is a good place to start. The AWS Solution Architect certification is a fundamental-level test for newcomers to the cloud. If you wish to take the AWS cloud practitioner exam, you may sign up for the AWS Solution Architect practice test to help you carefully prepare. Or if you are wondering which certification is the best for you, you can try to visit our blog to get more information.

The next section will go over 10 various benefits of AWS certification. However, the talk will begin with a simple understanding of Amazon Web Services (also known as the AWS) and the AWS Solution Architect certification benefits. This section of the article would provide the groundwork for presenting the benefits of taking an AWS certification test.

What is AWS?

aws solution architect certification benefits

AWS (stands for the Amazon Web Services) is Amazon’s complete cloud computing platform, which comprises infrastructure as a service (also known as the IaaS), platform as a service also known as the (PaaS), and packaged software as a service (also known as the SaaS) products. Amazon Web Services may provide a company with a wide range of technological resources such as database storage, computational power, as well as content distribution.

Amazon Web Services was officially established as a complement to Amazon’s infrastructure for the purpose of launching the operation of its online retail. AWS was one of the prior technological enterprises which have the capability to offer an effective and fast cloud computing model, in which users’ processing, storage, and traffic demands are met as needed. AWS offers a wide range of tools and services for businesses and software developers that may be used in data centers all over the world. Numerous government agencies, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and private enterprises tend to use Amazon Web Services for various purposes.

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Why AWS in particular?

AWS services are charged based on the number and types of resources used by clients, as previously indicated. You may get a fast overview of the benefits of AWS certification by looking at the capabilities provided by AWS. AWS’ capabilities might be used to create and launch services. The following functionalities are also available through AWS’ other services.

  • Cloud-based web and application servers are used to host internal programs and client-facing websites.
  • All files and sensitive data are safely stored and instantly accessed on cloud resources. For disaster recovery and data backup, accessibility is ideal.
  • Utilize the AWS Glue, AWS Kinesis, and AWS QuickSight services to do precise data analytics.
  • Managed databases are created using database management systems such as SQL, PostgreSQL
  • Oracle, and MySQL. This skill assists with data storage and report generation.
  • Building out vast content delivery networks with technologies such as the AWS CloudFront. Content delivery networks allow static files to be transferred across various edge points all over the world.

What are the AWS Solution Architect Certification benefits?

We now have a firm grasp on what AWS is and the several services it provides to customers. We’ll start talking about the benefits of AWS certifications after the process of strictly looking at the reasons for the dramatic rising demand for AWS certification exams. The most popular cloud service provider is presently Amazon Web Services (or the AWS for short). What are the reasons behind that? It provides businesses with cost-effective services. AWS’ services are flexible and adaptable to a wide range of business sizes.

Most significantly, AWS adheres to stringent security protocols for the protection, monitoring, and upkeep of its data centers. As a consequence, AWS continues to be at the top of the cloud service provider rankings. The status of AWS is the primary motivation to pursue AWS certifications. It is preferable to select the leader if you wish to devote time and effort to learning about cloud technology. Here’s a look at the Google trends that demonstrate how AWS certification has become more and more popular.

For the purpose of obtaining an AWS certification, individuals would have to go through thorough study guides and hands-on experience. Re-certification is also required every 2 years for AWS certificates. The re-certification validates qualified professionals’ knowledge of the latest changes and trends in the AWS market. These arguments provide a response to the question, “Is AWS certification worthwhile?” As a result, it’s time to consider the advantages of various AWS credentials.

Getting ready for the future

The first benefit mentioned in the AWS certification perks is the growing popularity of cloud computing. According to recent data, about 83 percent of business workloads will be moved to the cloud by 2020. AWS is the industry leader in cloud service providers, as we all know.

As a result, the benefits of AWS certification might assist you in preparing for future trends in the IT professional job market. AWS owns about a third of the market and is steadily increasing its income. The bulk of businesses will want AWS certified professionals in the near future. As a result, an AWS certification course may demonstrate your abilities to potential employers and boost your attractiveness as an occupation applicant.

More worthy opportunities for professional development

The growth of professional competence is the next entry on the list of top AWS certification perks. As previously said, AWS certifications have to have a significant amount of study, practice, and dedication to understanding AWS technologies. Additionally, worries regarding recertification mean that applicants must keep up to speed on the newest AWS developments. As a result, you will need to demonstrate your knowledge for the purpose of obtaining the AWS certification, as well as invest time and effort in keeping the certification.

Most importantly, individuals may pursue further AWS certifications to expand their skill set. Every AWS professional isn’t required to play certain occupations. To be more specific, after passing the AWS Developer associate certification, you can pursue the AWS DevOps certification. 

Read more about the way to become an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional.

Recognize the value of your work

The recognition of qualified individuals is another key benefit of earning the AWS certification. AWS-certified professionals are given digital badges. These digital badges may be used to brag about your certification accomplishments on social media and in your email signatures. The digital credentials allow you to attend AWS-sponsored certification events right now. With digital credentials, you can gain access to specific AWS Summit events and Lounges at “AWS re Invent”.

You’ll also be invited to regional Appreciation Receptions if you have an AWS certification. “Is AWS Certification Worth It?” is now a question you can answer. Receiving such a prestigious distinction as an AWS certificate would be a dream come true for everyone. To demonstrate their expertise and further their careers, a Machine Learning specialist should pursue the AWS Machine Learning certification, while a Data analyst could pursue the AWS Data Analytics certification.

AWS certification is rather easy to obtain

AWS certification also has the advantage of being easier to get than other certifications. AWS credentials, which were first introduced in 2013, have gone a long way toward making it easier for potential applicants. There are several tools available today to assist you in obtaining the appropriate certification. Candidates may easily obtain AWS certification with the use of documentation, whitepapers, and instructor-led training sessions.

Other forms of training, such as digital and virtual training, provide you with hands-on exposure to AWS’s key services. To prepare for an AWS certification exam, candidates may simply access a variety of sample questions and practice exams. As a result, many candidates would appreciate the flexibility in acquiring AWS certification!

A higher salary

The compensation for AWS certification would be the next perk. AWS certification may boost a qualified professional’s income by about 25%, according to current estimates from the Global Knowledge study. A qualified professional’s average AWS certification income is estimated to be approximately $113,932.

Non-certified professionals, on the other hand, earn an average yearly income of approximately $90,512. This clearly demonstrates how AWS certification advantages can result in a sizable monthly income. Would you want to lose out on a chance to enhance your salary? The AWS Solution Architect certification exam may help you confirm your AWS abilities, even if you’re new to the platform. We propose that you take the free AWS Solution Architect certification practice test and practice some of the sample questions that follow the AWS Solution Architect exam’s format.

Opportunities to broaden your network

aws solution architect certification benefits

As previously said, AWS certification confers legitimacy on qualified personnel. Joining the AWS Certified Global Community is one of the most important AWS certification perks. Professionals that are AWS certified may join the AWS Certified LinkedIn Community and network.

You can discover possibilities to grow your professional network in the community in addition to developing it. Attending meetups, conferences, and professional engagements becomes simpler with AWS certification training. As a result, you’ll be able to communicate with a large number of individuals and grow your network, which would otherwise have been impossible.

More valuable projects come to you  

In case you’re working as a freelancer, the perks of AWS certification might mean more work for you! Clients will have more faith in a freelancer’s ability to work with AWS technology if they have an AWS certification. AWS certification grants you access to digital badges, as we previously explained. When utilized correctly on social media and in digital signatures, digital badges may be a powerful marketing tool. As a result, you may utilize the digital credential to demonstrate your reputation to your potential clients and therefore, it can help increase your earning potential.

Possibility of becoming an SME

The most important benefit of getting an AWS certification is the ability to participate in the SME (which stands for the Subject Matter Expert) program. The AWS SME program is open to certified professionals. Candidates can learn more about AWS services and feature sets through the SME program. Professionals can also serve as Subject Matter Experts in the test development process and other workshops. As a result, it is possible for you to add a new valuable IT certificate to your CV that demonstrates your participation in an internationally standardized certification program.

Employers are also eligible for perks

The last benefit of AWS certification is that it benefits employers. As a result, organizations may reap the benefits of AWS-certified staff. The AWS Partner Network is open to organizations having AWS-certified personnel (which is also known as the APN). Your working enterprises/organizations or companies might apply for several tiers of the APN program based on their qualifications. As a result, with the support of AWS-certified personnel, it is possible for organizations or enterprises to be able to achieve such a valuable title -the title of AWS partner.

As a consequence, organizations may have access to a variety of tools and training for the purpose of giving better customer service and assistance. Each tier of the partner program has its own set of advantages, which get better as you progress. As a result, businesses with a larger number of AWS-certified employees are more likely to reap the greatest benefits. So, it looks like the AWS certifications might benefit businesses as well, doesn’t it?

AWS certification is affordable and accessible

There are other cloud computing certificates available from various providers, however, Amazon’s certification is the only one that is less expensive compared to numerous other IT certifications. Although getting AWS certified is not simple, you must have the fundamental understanding necessary to succeed.

According to numerous experts, the problem with other certificates is that many candidates quit their jobs to pursue certifications and pay exorbitant costs to attend training, but this is not the situation with Amazon AWS certifications. You may pass the test while continuing to work at your present job, with the added bonus of being promoted to the position you want inside your current organization. According to experts, online training will not teach you these skills since classroom training is provided by industry experienced trainers who have a significant understanding of their field and can present you with real-life examples and case studies.

Final words

To sum up, AWS seems to be the cloud revolutionary technology. Along with Azure and Google Cloud, AWS is a well-known name in the cloud service provider industry. As a result, it appears that planning for future changes in the cloud computing employment market is a real advantage. We also need to look at prospective chances for an increase in pay and new work opportunities. AWS certification also guarantees that professionals participate in the larger AWS community. AWS certification not only validates an AWS professional’s credential but also allows them to grow their professional network. AWS certification, in addition to these benefits, enables continuous learning and professional growth through the criteria for renewal.

In terms of AWS Solution Architect certification benefits, AWS credentials may assist businesses in achieving their objectives. Companies with a large number of AWS credentialed employees may be qualified towards becoming AWS partners. With so much to gain from an AWS certification, you should enroll in one of our AWS certification training courses right off the bat to get started on your pathway to a promising future!

If you have not had AWS certification yet and you are preparing for the exam, you can try to visit our websites to get more information and a free AWS Practice Test. To download, visit our website for your IOS or Android device.