AWS vs Azure

Which Certification Is Better For Your Career: AWS vs Azure?

In this post, we'll show you how to figure out which certification path AWS vs Azure will lead to a more promising career future.

January 1, 2022

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Cloud services are being used by an increasing number of businesses, forcing an increasing number of workers to change their present IT role to anything cloud-related. The issue is that most people only have so much extra time after work to learn new technology, and there are plenty of cloud services to master. Even if you chose to focus on two of the most popular cloud platform providers, AWS vs Azure certification, the decision would be difficult.

In this post, we’ll show you how to figure out which certification path will lead to a more promising career future. When you’re ready to begin certification training, ABC E-Learning provides a large selection of certification learning materials to choose from.

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AWS vs Azure: Why should I get certified?

AWS vs Azure

You can go into an interview, nail it, and get a job if you’re an expert in cloud technology. However, if you’re new to cloud computing, you may require proof of knowledge to get an interview in the first place.

How can you persuade a potential employer that you’re a good fit? Conveniently, the most popular platforms provide certificates that demonstrate that you are competent. The following are three major advantages of becoming certified:

  • Learn as you study

Setting the certification as a goal can motivate you to study more diligently. Start with the certification required if you’re unsure where, to begin with, understanding cloud technologies. We provide a step-by-step AWS study guide to the fundamentals, so you’ll know what you’re doing every step of the way.

It will also be simple to locate all of the materials you want for your studies on the internet. We provide training on both Azure and AWS, as well as a wealth of other resources. If you read the blog in conjunction with taking a certification course, you’ll learn how to understand complicated topics like AWS regions and availability zones.

You may find that the certification serves as an incentive as well. A scheduled AWS certification exam will serve as a wonderful motivator to study harder if you’re having problems committing to your own tasks.

  • Get hands-on skills

Because even the most basic Azure certification and AWS certification demand you to solve issues, you’ll need some practical experience before you begin the test. You may either learn to use cloud technology on your own project or make it simpler for yourself by taking little steps at first.

  • Open new opportunities

Finally, obtaining a certificate in Azure or AWS is a means of obtaining a higher-paying job. Having a certificate that verifies your skills is a must-have bonus whether you’re wanting to change fields or earn a raise at your present work.

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Which certification is harder to obtain?

Starting to study for certification would take time away from your time with family and friends. You need to know which road will get you to your goals faster since you’re making a sacrifice.

Both Azure and AWS may be challenging if you’re attempting to learn the platform without knowing what you’re doing, or they can be quite simple if you’re properly guided. Many IT specialists, on the other hand, argue that AWS is considerably easier to learn and obtain certification in.

For starters, AWS offers software development kits (SDKs) for a variety of popular programming languages, and it keeps up with the latest trends in SDK modification. Azure only allowed C++ and C# apps until 2019. Although the SDKs for Java, Python, and JavaScript have already been available for a year, many developers believe that C languages still have greater support.

AWS goes out of its way to make learning as simple as possible. It has three times the number of materials as Azure (123 e-learning items for AWS Cloud Practitioner learning path vs 78 total for all Azure paths). AWS also offers a free version that you may use indefinitely to hone your cloud abilities.

Which cloud service is more popular?

There’s no debating his popularity. AWS is the clear winner. Despite the fact that Azure has nearly a third of the market, AWS has a lead of more than 10%.


As seen in this graph, AWS is used by over 41% of apps and services instead of any other cloud service. AWS has a diverse client base that includes both large corporations like NASA and small businesses like Ivory Research. Ivory Research co-founder Jack de Sullen explained his employer’s perspective:

“We didn’t even have a choice when it came to cloud services.” Because AWS is the most widely used platform today, there will never be any compatibility or support difficulties. That is why we chose Amazon.”

Now, AWS may be the leader, but it doesn’t imply Azure isn’t valuable in the job market. It has a third of the market share, indicating that it is widely used. Don’t forget about it just yet.

Which do employers prefer?

The job you want to get is the most important aspect in deciding whether you want to earn an Azure or AWS certification. You must first locate a business or employers with whom you wish to work and research the credentials that they demand. Forget about market trends and start studying Azure if your ideal career demands it.

Here are the facts if you’re concerned about what the majority wants. With an Azure certification, you’d be eligible for nearly 16,000 jobs on Indeed. The number of AWS jobs is much higher, with 29,000 available.

Certifications from Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform are valued by many employers. There are, however, countless occupations that require merely an AWS certificate.

AWS vs Azure: which is better for your career?

In the end, the decision is yours to make. If you want to get certified in the most popular cloud technology today, choose AWS. It has a larger market share than any other cloud service provider and will most likely continue to do so. If you have an AWS certification but not an Azure certification, most organizations will be happy to talk with you.

Is an Azure certification required for your ideal job? Do you meet all of the requirements except for Azure knowledge? Then being certified in this technology is a sure bet, and you can stop thinking about whether you should abandon your love in favor of more widely used technology.

Remember this, even though AWS is currently the most popular technology. Azure, on the other hand, has a third of the market, making it a viable alternative. An Azure certification holder will be welcomed into 16,000 jobs on Indeed. Most of them will be available to anybody with an AWS certification, but if you want to learn Azure, it can help you get work.

AWS may have an advantage over Azure in terms of free learning materials, but it can be improved. You can check that problem off your list with our ABC E- Learning’s number of courses on both AWS and Azure.

Not only is your certification important in determining whether or not you can acquire a job, but it is also the most important aspect. If you study hard enough for the qualification, you will gain practical experience. Make sure that whichever certificate you select comes with knowledge and practice.

IT workers all across the world are always looking for ways to improve their jobs, get better projects, and earn more money. Certifications can assist them in achieving their goals and reaching new heights in the Cloud Computing field. Because there are so many certification providers, it’s easy to get mixed up between AWS and Azure certificates, which are now at the top of the market.

We hope that this article has provided you with a clear comparison of AWS vs Azure certifications, their benefits, and the potential income increases. As a result, certificates will verify your qualifications and skills, allowing them to be recognized as subject matter experts. In the next few years, certifications for AWS and Azure may switch back and forth. As a result, you may need to select a certification that meets both your and your company’s requirements.

We hope this article could give you a clear view of these kinds of certifications and give you the resource to make the right decision.